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I was born in Reading, Pennsylvania in 1978 and have lived all my life in PA. Yes, that's Reading- like the Reading Railroad on the Monopoly Board. My parents Marc and Nita raised me to appreciate the things around me and my older brother Adam and I enjoy the times we can get out and enjoy things together. As I grew and learned all about the world around me I carried that appreciation of my surroundings. It was in 1996 when I first applied that idea to photography.

As a high school graduation present to myself, I saved enough to join my good friend and his father on a ski trip to Europe. During one of the days at Lech, in western Austria, we skied a particularly difficult run on a glacier that had a wind blown cornice. We had to jump off this ledge and ski down a particularly long steep slope. I went first and skied a good distance down the hill before turning to see how the other two were doing. I remembered the small point and shoot camera I had in my pocket and took it out to take a shot of the most incredible run I have ever skied. Snapping the picture and moving on I thought nothing of it until I got home and developed my film. The print was spectacular. And because it had special meaning to me it was even more incredible. I had it blown up to 20X30, had it framed and hung it on the wall in my bedroom and eventually my dorm room. Many people over the years have asked were I got the "poster" from and I've explained the story. But it was from that day when I saw such an incredible picture that I wanted to collect images and share them with the world.

I went on to attend Philadelphia College of Textiles & Science (now Philadelphia University), where I received an undergraduate degree in architecture. While there I also pursued photography and was recognized by both the professors and my peers for my work. I lived in Philadelphia until 2004 when I moved near Spring City, PA (between Reading and Philadelphia).

The camera has grown with me and grown to be an extension of me over the years. I carry it with me almost every single place I go, and I snap pictures as I see them form before me. I've taken shots of everything from the smallest things in my house to the farthest stretches of the places I've traveled. I've been lucky to have traveled a lot and been able to spend a lot of time in natural places from which I draw much inspiration. But I also feel blessed because I can walk down a city street and still see things which I find to be photo worthy.

Now, 10 years after that first shot, I am finally able to start sharing my work with others. With much prodding from my better half MaryBeth, I have finally put my works together in a place outside the walls of my home and stretches of my computer screen; a place where others can enjoy my efforts and help me continue to develop my eye and my inspiration. My goal has always been to help others see the inherent beauty that exists in everything around you. My photos are taken, not with the intention to be the perfect picture, but rather to evoke in you a memory, thought, or appreciation for something special in the world. I hope that you enjoy viewing my work as much as I have enjoyed putting it together. Drop me a line from the contact page.

joshua sukenick

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